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Blue Sun Stories

Finding the Best Short Story Writers

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This community is designed to recognise TALENT. If you like writing short stories and would like to find out if you're really any good, join this community and every month there will be a Gold Story, Silver Story and Bronze Story chosen from all entires that month!

There are no material prizes, just the acheivement of being the best short story writer for the month. This "prize" is an incentive to write better and enjoy writing more!
Criticism and comments are VERY important and will aid in the decision of the medals as well as helping the writers out.

There is also a poetry section in Blue Sun Stories!
The same rules apply for poems, they are just seperate from short stories and will have their own Gold, Silver, Bronze and occassional special awards...


There is no limit to the amount of entries anyone can make.
However, do keep each entry to a seperate post.

***Please put your entries behind an LJ-Cut to save space on friends pages etc. To find out how to do an lj-cut, check out the FAQ on livejournal.***

All entries should have a title so that they can be named on awards day.
Stories are to between 1,000 - 6,000 words for awards entry but all sizes are acceptable for criticism and advice if you want it.
Every story will be read by Laerfan or Cerandor whose decision on the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be final.
There may be special awards given to people who miss out on a Gold, Silver or Bronze but have excelled in a certain part of the writing process.

No fanfiction please. (This means no writing about famous stories, like writing a Star Trek story, or writing a sequel to a Manga or Anime film, or writing an episode of a TV show. These are just examples.)
All genres are welcome, be it general fiction or something obscure like dark fantasy or something even more obscure like romance!
Children's stories are welcome too! Anything that's good, post it here!

When you join, it would be strongly appreciated if you spread the word of the community around as much as possible.

At the end of every year there will be a special awards post that gives an annual Blue Sun Story Award for Short Story of the Year and a few other accolades.

Some small pointers:
Originality is always good, but try not alienate your audience.
A good short story grabs the reader in from the start so make your opening special.
Don't be afraid of going too far because you can't!

Good luck everyone!